Check out some of the hibiscuses we have in the nursery. We have a wide variety of Cajun Hibiscus! Hard not to fall in love with these beautiful blooms.

“Cajun Hibiscus” are hibiscus hybrids that are much bigger and much more flamboyantly-colored, broader, and flatter than the typical hibiscus. We receive ours from Dupont Nursery near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

These beauties are:

  • $19.99/1 gal.
  • $29.99/Hanging Basket

We’re open Mon-Sat 9a-4p. There is a limited supply. 🌺 You may call to check if we have any in stock. (409) 763-4713!

List as of 5/27:

  • Blue Jean Baby
  • Burnt Orange Moon
  • Carmel Rose
  • Chiffon Maiden
  • Envie
  • Floral Fantasy
  • Heart of Darkeness
  • Hearts A Flame
  • HighFive
  • Indian Summer
  • Lady Storm
  • Mountain Romance
  • Old Fashion Romance
  • Pink Dwarf
  • Red Planet
  • Saffron Fire
  • Stolen Kiss
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Sweet Cheeks
  • Volcanic Eruption

See some of their blooms: