Mixture Candles

Candles by Mixture

Started as a small business by Don and Jill, Mixture is a family operated fragrance company that manufactures their products outside of Kansas City. Mixture products are always handmade in small batches, and they use luxurious fragrances to mix in. Each one is meant to create a mood, stir a memory, or simply help you relax.

Their philosophy revolves around giving their customers the best possible product while focusing on improving the environmental footprint of our plant. That is why they use naturally derived renewable ingredients and safe synthetics to make their products.

Tom’s Thumb Nursery is excited to be carrying Mixture Candles! Enjoy one of these lovely fragrances:

– Wild Currant
– Fresh Lilac
– Breach Fire
– Lauren’s Lavender Garden
– Grape & Sweet Vanilla
– Stargazer Lily
– Balsam & Spice
– Rosemary Mint

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