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May 20, 2020

Native Plants

White Salt Marsh Mallow

Native plants provide multiple benefits to people and wildlife, while contributing greatly to healthy soil and water in urban and rural areas.

You can find Native Plants on the National Wildlife Federation Website here.

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Passion Vine

The temperatures are starting to warm up, and so are our crops! Now’s the perfect time to start planting some summer crops for the next season.

Vegetables & Herbs – Warm-season crops are in their prime this month. One mistake new gardeners make is to not harvest vegetables at their peak quality. Left on the plant too long, many will decline in quality.

  • Eggplant can become tough and bitter; green beans stringy and less tasty;
  • Squash and cucumbers become too mature with tough skin and large tough seeds.
  • If you have mockingbirds, squirrels, and other raiders, it may be wise to pick your tomatoes early and allow them to ripen on the kitchen counter.

Fertilize growing crops with a natural, organic fertilizer that not only promotes healthy plant growth but is also good for your soil.

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May 9, 2020

Beneficial Insects

Praying Mantis

Not all insects are pests. In fact, there are many good bugs in the garden. Here are a few beneficial insects we carry at Tom’s Thumb Nursery! These are a great alternative to chemicals.

Beneficial Insects at Tom's Thumb Nursery

Learn more about them here.

Lady Bugs – $7.99

Ladybugs, or lady beetles, are considered a beneficial bug which helps rid an area of crop-damaging aphids, mealybugs and other destructive insect pests. The adult ladybugs feed on these insects. They also lay their eggs among the aphids or other prey so the emerging larvae can feed on the insects, too

Praying Mantis – $9.99

The Praying mantis is a most interesting and enjoyable beneficial insect to have around the garden and farm. It is the only known insect that can turn its head and look over its shoulder.

Later they will eat larger insects, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and other pest insects.

Decollate Snails – $12.99

Decollate snails, Rumina decollata, prey and feed upon the eggs and flesh of small to medium sized brown garden snails, Helix aspersa.

Slugs are usually not attacked by the decollate snails. Decollate snails will grow to be about one inch long, with conical shells, making them easily distinguishable from the round brown garden snail.

Triple Blend Soil Pest Exterminator – Live Beneficial Nematodes – $19.99

Nematodes actively hunt for insect larvae, entering through natural body openings. Once inside the larvae, the nematode excretes bacteria from its digestive tract before it starts to feed and multiply.

Within a few days, the pest will change color and die. The nematodes multiply and develop within the dying insect, before leaving the old host to hunt for more pests. As the number of pests decreases, so will the nematode population. For this reason, seasonal releases are recommended.

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May 2, 2020


Peggy Martin CLimbing Rose

Roses are a superb addition to the garden. Find how to care for them here.

Most roses are $29.99 unless indicated. Prices may change.

Rose, At Last
Rose, Belinda’s Dream
Rose, Chihuly (Tree) – $69.99
Rose, Cinco de Mayo
Rose, Drift, Apricot
Rose, Drift, Coral
Rose, Drift, Peach
Rose, Drift, Pink
Rose, Drift, Popcorn
Rose, Drift, White
Rose, Grande Dame (Tree) – $69.99
Rose, Julia’s Child
Rose, Knockout, Double Pink
Rose, Love at First Sight (Tree) – $69.99
Rose, Plum Perfect
Rose, Shock Wave (Tree) – $69.99

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Peggy Martin Climbing Rose in Galveston, Texas
Peggy Martin Climbing Rose in Galveston, Texas
$39.99/3 gallon — Available at #TomsThumbNursery

$39.99/3 gallon — Available at #TomsThumbNursery

“The “Peggy Martin Rose” was one of only two plants surviving 20 feet of salt water over the garden of Mrs. Peggy Martin, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in late August, 2005

Since then, it has been introduced into commerce in the United States and has become a symbol among gardeners and rose lovers of a tenacious plant associated with a spirit of renewal and regrowth in the aftermath of a devastating blow of Nature against those living and gardening in the Gulf Coast area.”

Source: The “Peggy Martin” Rose by Dr. William C. Welch, Professor & Landscape Horticulturist, Texas A&M University

More articles:

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April 20, 2020



These beauties are one of our favorite summer plants. 😍 Vincas/Periwinkles have shiny green leaves and large multiple five-petaled blooms that showcase their colors with pride all through the #Galveston heat & humidity.

  • $2.99/4″ – Available in Burgundy, Apricot, Pink
  • $19.99/10″ Hanging Basket – Available in Coral & Lavender
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April 20, 2020



Calibrachoa is a lot easier to grow than it is to spell! They’re also known as “million bells,” because of their compact little petunia clusters.

10″ Hanging Basket Calibrachoa – $24.99

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April 20, 2020


Double Peach Hibiscus
  • 3 Gal Hibiscus – $29.99
  • Hibiscus Tree – $79.99
  • Braid Multi-colored Hibiscus – $179

Color options: Ft. Myers Yellow, Brilliant Red, Double Peach Hibiscus, Double Red Hibiscus, Seminole Pink, Hula Girl, Pink Hibiscus

Other Hibiscus Varieties

Cajun Hibiscus!

See our extensive photo gallery of Cajun Hibiscus. Limited Supply.

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April 17, 2020

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Please note that our stock varies during the season.

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April 8, 2020

Cajun Hibiscus

Hibiscus Love Song

Check out some of the hibiscuses we have in the nursery. We have a wide variety of Cajun Hibiscus! Hard not to fall in love with these beautiful blooms.

“Cajun Hibiscus” are hibiscus hybrids that are much bigger and much more flamboyantly-colored, broader, and flatter than the typical hibiscus. We receive ours from Dupont Nursery near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

These beauties are:

  • $19.99/1 gal.
  • $29.99/Hanging Basket

We’re open Mon-Sat 9a-4p. There is a limited supply. 🌺 You may call to check to verify if we have any in stock. (409) 763-4713!

See some of their blooms here:

(Please note that this is just a photo gallery of what we have had in stock before. This is not what we currently have!)

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