Tom's Thumb Nursery - Coastal Gardening

Tom’s Thumb specializes in helping you with your coastal landscaping. With our harsh salt winds from the southeast, planting choices are limited for the Galveston coastal home. Always ask our experienced staff before you purchase a plant for the beach or bay.

Our top picks for shrubs in the 3-4’ range are Carissa (Natal plum), Dwarf Hawthorn, Pittosporum, Sea grape and Muhly grasses. Yuccas, Century plants, and Necklace pods are also reliable in this size range.

Plant selections in the 2’ range are Bulbine, Lantana, and Society garlic. Wedelia, Purslane, and Periwinkles are good choices for 1’ range.

Coastal Gardening with Tom's Thumb Nursery Landscaping


Several types of palm trees do well on the coast. These include the Florida Sabal, Mexican Fan, Date Palms, and Cocos australis (Queen palms). The Cycads such as the Sago and the Cardboard Palm also do well.

The surrounding environment of your property may allow for more choices. It is always best to ask before you purchase for your coastal landscaping.

Remember to visit Tom's Thumb Nursery and Landscaping for all of your coastal gardening choices.