Liriope muscari ‘Super blue’

Liriope muscari ‘Super blue’

Super Blue Liriope is a small, clumping ground cover with delicate violet flowers.

From Summer to early Fall, the flowers bloom in cone-shaped bunches at the end of tall green stems. As the autumn chill settles in, these flowers are replaced by glossy purple-black fruits.

Liriope muscari ‘Super blue’

Fun tidbits:

  • Is one of the least invasive of the Liriope family.
  • Prefers moist, loose soil that is fertilized and well drained and can tolerate dry soil conditions once established.
  • Heat tolerant, drought tolerant and salt spray tolerant. Once established it requires very little maintenance.
  • Makes a nice container plant, lush border or pathway edging, in mass plantings and under large trees.
  • Grows well in hard to grow places such as banks and slopes, driveways or filling in gaps between shrubs.

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