Peggy Martin Climbing Rose in Galveston, Texas
$39.99/3 gallon — Available at #TomsThumbNursery

$39.99/3 gallon — Available at #TomsThumbNursery

“The “Peggy Martin Rose” was one of only two plants surviving 20 feet of salt water over the garden of Mrs. Peggy Martin, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in late August, 2005

Since then, it has been introduced into commerce in the United States and has become a symbol among gardeners and rose lovers of a tenacious plant associated with a spirit of renewal and regrowth in the aftermath of a devastating blow of Nature against those living and gardening in the Gulf Coast area.”

Source: The “Peggy Martin” Rose by Dr. William C. Welch, Professor & Landscape Horticulturist, Texas A&M University

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