Scents and Succulents

We all know how beautiful succulents can be with their complex shapes, colors, and growth habits. What some don’t realize however, is that there are many succulents that also have a beautiful aroma. (Like we needed ANOTHER reason to love them!) When your succulent blooms not only will you get a gorgeous display of flowers, but you may also get to enjoy their fragrance depending on the variety you own. If you’re looking to add some more beauties to your garden, or just want to tantalize your senses, you may be interested in acquiring one (or more) of these for your home.


High Light Required:

  • Echinopsis oxygona– Big pink funnel shaped flowers open at night and usually last 24-36 hours. This is a very fragrant species.
  • Hoyas– There are many different varieties of hoya, and depending on their care the fragrance may be stronger or weaker. The Flowers are waxy, shaped like stars and have been described as smelling like chocolate, lemon, citrus, vanilla, orange, and spicy.
  • Sedum Suavelons- White Sweet smelling flowers that look more like Echeveria flowers than your typical sedum bloom. This variety is a summer bloomer.
  • Stapeliads – Blooms are very STINKY often smelling like carrion or dung, some varieties may not smell as bad or as strong. While having an overpowering smell might turn you away, the flowers are very attractive with their different shapes, sizes and color patterns.

Moderate Light required:

Crassula Ovata
  • Night blooming Cereus- Flowers have a strong, sweet spicy fragrance that opens at night usually between July-October. The night blooming Cereus is typically a white flower but you can sometimes find them available in pink.
  • String of Pearls and String of Bananas- The flowers are white, tiny and fuzzy looking with a light cinnamon like scent that blooms in the spring.
  • Albuca Spiralis (Frizzle Sizzle) – This succulent blooms in the spring. The blooms are a gorgeous yellow and have a butter/olive oil/vanilla scent.
  • Lithops- All Lithops will bloom white or yellow flowers in the fall, with the right care. Some flowers have a spicy/honey scent.
  • Conophytum – These round cuties have orange flowers with a clove like scent in the fall.

Shaded Light required:

  • Mother in Laws Tongue- This sansevieria is a spring bloomer with VERY Strong sweet smelling flowers, which have been reported to be too overpowering in a small space. The flowers are white and look like spider lilies.
  • Jade (can do well in high light as well) – The flowers will bloom in winter and spring. They are White/ Light Pink and sweetly scented.
  • Aloe conifera– This aloe blooms in winter, it has a tall blooming yellow flower with a delicious grapefruit aroma.

Whether you have a bright courtyard or a dimly lit office, there is a scented succulent for you. You can even arrange your succulents so that you have a constantly blooming, sweet smelling arrangement.We have a good variety of succulents in stock and would be happy to help you with your arrangement!

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