Seasonal Ideas & Information for June

June Bloom

Summer time is a great time to start gardening. We’ve put together a list of activities to consider for your June gardening.

  • Vegetables & Herbs –  Mornings are still a great time to be out in the garden…..late afternoons shortly before dark are also a tolerable time to be out.  Check the mulch throughout the garden and replenish any areas where it is getting too thin.  Mulch reduces evaporative loss of water from the soil, moderates soil temperatures, and deters weed seeds.  Continue to fertilize tomatoes and peppers to promote higher yields and stronger plants.  Bird netting is an option to help protect the fruits of your labor!  Spider mites can be controlled with water or soap spray and caterpillars can be controlled with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).
  • Perennials & Annuals –    Some dependable color options for summer include a variety of salvias, zinnias, purslane, vinca, portulaca, lantana, esperanzas, plumbagos and cupheas.  If you are watering your plants with an overhead sprinkler, you may be seeing an increase in diseases of the foliage.  Drip irrigation is a better way to go and can help minimize leaf wetness.  There are disease-control products on the market.  We can provide help in identifying pests and diseases, and in deciding on an appropriate, effective control option.

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