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We love our tropical plants and our evergreen shrubs, but dormancy and a lack of growth in the winter still occurs here. Most obviously, our lawn grasses go dormant in the “cold” weather and we don’t have to worry about cutting them. However, all plants will be less active in cooler weather. Don’t worry about plants not putting out new shoots or not growing any taller; they really shouldn’t be very active in winter. Trees like crape myrtle that are deciduous shouldn’t be fertilized now. We should wait to fertilize deciduous trees and shrubs until they are ready to leaf out again in March. Fertilizing early could cause new shoots that will get blasted off by the north wind.

Winter Pruning

Due to the shortness of the cold season and how warm it has been, we don’t recommend winter pruning just yet. February is our preferred month for those severe winter cuts. It also leaves your plants looking full for the holiday season. Deciduous fruit trees can be pruned in January; however, citrus, that have their fruit still on them, shouldn’t be pruned until after you harvest the fruit.

Is your landscape ready for the Holidays?
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Here are 6 reasons why you should fit some time in between watching football games and pulling out the Halloween decorations to plant your trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennials.

Tom's Thumb Nursery
  1. Warm soil + cool air = happy plants
  2. Less insect pest and disease pressure
  3. Less water stress
  4. Planting is more pleasant
  5. Plants have a head start for next spring
  6. Better drought tolerance

Is your landscape ready for fall? Tom’s Thumb Nursery continues to offer full landscaping services. We can give your fall garden a refresh and maintenance rejuvenation. Just give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule, and we’ll be there!

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